Enabling companies to deliver outstanding experiences to customers and employees

We help organizations bring their employee and customer experiences into an "emotional state" with innovative and creative solutions that are rooted in the reality of your business.

We Are

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    We are an eXperience Management services firm
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    We focus on Customer Experience, Employee Engagement and Cultural Transformation
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    All our advisors & consultants have had CX lead roles and are used to engaging at executive level
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    We are a key partner from Qualtrics, the global leading CXM platform
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    We have offices in Paris, London and Toronto, and an international network of CX consultants
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Customer experience

In today's world, your company's reputation is only as good as the experience delivered to your average customers.


Employee experience

Employee Experience Is The New Customer Experience, your customer's experience actually begins from the outside-out with your employees.

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We are behind passionate CX leaders

Teresa Monroe not only retains a unique expertise on customer and employee experiences strategic consulting and program management, but also brings proven competencies with enterprise deployment and implementation capabilities with the market-leading Experience Management Platforms. Teresa Monroe is the trusted partner behind some of the most ambitious Experience Programs launched by global B2B and B2C leaders.

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