Employee experiences: Who should be responsible?

"It’s a question that has been doing the rounds for what seems like forever.Who exactly is responsible for employee experiences within a company? The wide consensus is that it should be everyone but, as a result, that often means no one in particular. Here lies the problem." Our insight : [...]

Erosion of the Employee Experience

"Organisations are embracing the Employee Experience and the Employee Journey concepts. The approach taken, is often top-down, and very much focused on the needs of the organisations (“We want our talent to stay as long as possible in our organisation, as long as they perform well”). As an example, phase [...]

The evolvement of the “Digital Employee Experience” definition

"Digital employee experience is gaining mindshare and traction in organizations around the globe. Teams are finding that it’s framing discussions and plans in a truly strategic way that engages with senior leaders." Our insight : Just like customers have a shared responsibility in defining their experience, employees have a great [...]

A Digital Messaging Strategy for Better Employee Experiences

"In every business sphere, the quality of service and the experiential ecosystem this service creates is essential to organizational success. It is no different for internal stakeholders – as they do with their customers, employers will benefit from regularly communicating with their workforce by tailoring messaging strategies and adopting the [...]

IDC Research : 9 ways of amplifying collaboration’s positive impact

"IDC research found the integration of core business applications, empowering cross-silo conversations, and enterprise adoption of collaborative platforms results in significantly fewer meetings, less email, and faster time to execute projects. But it takes adoption from the bottom up and the top down to succeed, and often a change in [...]

The Employee Experience: It’s Trickier (and more important) Than You Thought

"It turns out we are now in a stage where most companies have too much technology, and not enough time.  (Time is now the most precious resource at work.) So a major part of the employee experience is simplifying the technology experience, and designing HR programs that happen “in the [...]

Avoid Dissatisfied Customers by Empowering Your Employees

" Because 'Can I speak to a supervisor?' is a phrase you never want to hear. If you're a small-business owner, you're probably familiar with the frustration that comes with requests for managerial assistance from your sales team. Whether it's an irate customer who wants to vent or a vendor looking [...]