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Statistics :

Statistics that prove that nothing drives profitability more than good customer experience.

Simon Sinek: Actually, the Customer Is Not Always Right

In the video down bellow, Simon Sinek tells us why companies should not prioritize customers over employees. His story about a hotel employee who loves his work is a proof that when companies care first about their employees, these latter naturally care about the customers.

How predictive analytics can help you enhance customer experience

Discover 5  ways of how predictive analytics  made it easy for marketers and sellers in the increasingly competitive digital economy. Not to forget our say about it.

Airbnb’s VP Community Support and Head of Global CX invited to club CX

Airbnb, which in a few years has revolutionized the world of hotel and housing rental online, does no longer need to be presented. With a value of more than 30 billion dollars, the company just celebrated its 500 millionth customer in March 2019 and has an offer of more than 6 million homes worldwide!

Aisling Hassell is invited to Club CX on September 24 from 8:30  to share her experience with the club.


Stephanie Gandon, gives her testimonial about working with Teresa Monroe as a Director, Customer Experience & CRM at Ingenico Group.

Ingenico Customer Experience with Teresa Monroe

Ingenico Employee Experience with Teresa Monroe

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Employee experiences: Who should be responsible?

It’s hard to know who is responsible about what in the company. Get to know what are the leaderships’ and managers’ responsibilities on Employee Experience in addition to Teresa Monroe’s insight in the subject.

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