Strategic Consulting

Experiences drive relationships and relationships drive business outcomes

What is your CX maturity level ? What do you want to achieve ? What are your business stakes and opportunities ?

A successful customer experience (CX) strategy is a result of the company’s culture. What’s happening inside the company is felt outside the company by the customers. We position your employees’ experiences (EX) at the heart of your CX program, and we support you in adopting the right mindset.


  • Company cultural landscape
    • CX & EX status
    • CX & EX awareness
  • Market / business stakes


  • Define & share vision, objectives
  • Governance guidelines :
    • R&R
    • Compensation & incentives
  • Leading, lagging KPIs
  • Change management plan


  • Senior leadership engagement
  • Governance management
  • Change management
    • Coaching
    • Training
    • Roll-out
  • CX/EX best practices sharing