The current COVID-19 crisis is changing and will change everything… for you, your teams, your company, your customers, your customers’ customers.

Needs, expectations and challenges are changing and shaking up our habits… today, tomorrow and in a sustainable way!

The immediate impact is a greater reliance on digital tools – both in the way your employees act and in the way you interact with your customers.

The « human » is the first concern and the main lever to build future success.

Real-time feedback from employees and customers can help you stay one step ahead and cope.
We put the expertise of our teams at your service to implement rapid and appropriate responses to keep your teams engaged and support your customers today with a view to tomorrow.

What is the Remote Work Pulse?

Qualtrics’ Remote Work Pulse helps you understand whether your organization is ready to cope and whether your employees have what they need to succeed in this new environment.

Qualtrics’ Remote Work Pulse is publicly available and free for all organizations.

The Remote Work Pulse XM solution consists of a pre-built survey and report that can help you quickly collect vital information from your employees.

In light of the Covid-19 health crisis, Teresa Monroe brings you free support for :

Get started with Qualtrics Remote Pulse to listen and act more effectively with your employees and customers.

Employee First

  • You have employees who are emotionally, personally and professionally impacted on a daily basis.
  • You manage and support your teams remotely in a crisis context, without having all the keys.

Vos Clients

  • It is essential that you keep your customers, but their situation generates new needs …
  • How can you best adapt to the new needs of your customers and position yourself as a reference partner for the future?

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