Why is Employee Experience so important?

  • 70% of engaged employees indicate a good understanding of how to meet customer needs while only 17% of non-engaged employees can say the same thing

  • More than 50% of organizations say corporate culture influences productivity, creativity, profitability, firm value and growth rates

  • 89% of employers think pay is the #1 driver of employee attrition but less than 12% of employees cite pay as the reason  for leaving

  • Companies with highly engaged workers grew revenues 2,5x as much as those with low level of engagement

Why you should choose Teresa Monroe?

Outstanding employee experience drives exceptional customer experience ! That is why Teresa Monroe gives great focus to EX by:

  • Assessing, recommending and coaching
  • Providing Program Management (creating quality programs, measuring and analyzing in addition to executing)
  • Providing implementation services

Still not convinced ?

Watch our short video above in which Stephanie Gandon, Director, Customer Experience & CRM at Ingenico Group, gives her testimonial about why Ingenico chose Teresa Monroe !